How to Add Bulk Products Using a CSV file

The Overview of the Add Bulk Products (CSV)

How to Add Gearbubble Jewelry Message Cards to PODTurbo using Add Bulk Products (CSV)

You can easily add multiple products to the system using a CSV file by following these steps.

1. Go to menu Product > Add Bulk Products (CSV)

2. Create and upload a CSV file that contains the product information. You can download the example of the CSV file from the menu “ CSV Reference”.

The CSV file will look like this.

These are what you have to insert:

  • [product_name] – The product title that will be used when you create the product in marketplaces.
  • [niche_keyword] – ONE keyword that will be used to replace {NICHE} in the category template.
  • [keywords] – The keyword list that will be inserted in the product keywords or tags in the marketplaces.
  • [price] – The price of the product.
  • [front_image_filename] – The filename of the design that will be used to create the product. This will be used for the front side of the product.
  • [back_image_filename] – This is the same as the [front_image_filename], but it will be used on the back side of the product. Some products don’t need the back images, so you can leave it blank in that case. You may use the same filename as the [front_image_filename] if you want both sides of the product to have the same design.
  • [category/subcategory/color] – This is the product type and details. You can see the category reference here.

You have to prepare the product information using this CSV file. Save it as a .csv and upload it to the system.

3. Upload the designs in a ZIP file. The designs must have width and height as in the CSV Reference, and the filenames must be the same as the ones you inserted in the CSV file.

4. Wait for the system to generate the product mockups. If you have a lot of products, this could take a long time. But don’t worry! You can close the window and check back later.

5. When the product mockups are ready, you can go back to check the Add Bulk Products (CSV) page. If it shows “Product Mockups Are Ready”, you can click “Manage” and check to ensure that the products have the correct designs you want. If everything is fine, click “Publish”.

That’s it! The system will create a queue for all of your products at 11:00PM (Server Time) and start publishing your products to the marketplaces automatically.

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