Get started with Basic Setup

When you start using PODTurbo, there is some setup you will need to do.

1. Connect Marketplaces

First, you have to connect PODTurbo to your marketplace account. Currently, we support listing products on Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You can go to the menu  Stores > Store Connect to connect the marketplaces.

2. Set Up the Uploaded Daily Limit (Optional)

For the next step, you will have to set the uploaded daily limit for each marketplace. The system already defines the default value for the uploaded limit. You can change the value for some marketplaces if you want.

3. Edit the Category Template (Optional)

The Category Template is essentially the pre-setup template for the product description and product features that will be shown in the marketplace.

We have a default category template for every product. You can edit your category template to make them unique.

You can also use the {NICHE} token in the template too. The {NICHE} token will be replaced with the niche keyword you define when you create a product in PODTurbo.

When you create a new product in the system, the system will automatically replace the {NICHE} token in the category template with your niche keyword.

4. Configure the Gearbubble API Key (you can do this later on when you have an order)

Another thing to do is to configure the Gearbubble API Key. This can be done after you make the first order. You can set up the API Key in the Settings menu.

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